About houses and babies

Dear all

Due to our grand renovating project, which we underestimated big time;
due to being a full time employee/mom/lover/sister/daughter/friend;
and due to our second little munchkin growing inside of me…
This little lady feels tired 🙂

So for now, I will be off the WordPress radar and concentrating on handling all the rest.
But don’t you stop spreading all that positivity, ok!



“Be the change you want to see in the world”

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“What people think about you is none of your business”
Paulo Coelho (on Twitter)

Hey, what’s your New Year’s resolution? Quitting an unhealthy habit, like smoking?
Well. Good luck!

If you are very disciplined, you will succeed. Probably with some blood, sweat and tears…
But most of our resolutions don’t make it to February. And that’s because we are trying to eliminate an effect in stead of a cause.

Yes. Whatever it is that we do too much; smoking, drinking, eating, shopping, gambling and so on, we do it to compensate for something we’re lacking in our life.
Whether we are actually missing something, or whether we live in the illusion that we do, both reasons are equally real.

How about not forcing yourself into new habits, but attacking the cause.
No more cause =  no more effect.
In order to do that, you first have to love and respect yourself a whole lot more.

I propose this resolution for 2013… TO BE YOURSELF

  • Dare to say no
  • Dare to share your opinion
  • Dare to do whatever it is that you like

And should you be afraid of what others might think, then remember that you can never please everyone. What’s good for one person, isn’t for another.
So do yourself a big favor and be true to yourself!

I wish you a magnificent year!

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To Mother Earth

Dearest Mother Earth,

I’ve known for quite some time now, that you are ill.
And I finally found the courage to write to you.
I’m sorry it took me so long.

I was in denial. Didn’t want to admit, that I am contributing to your sickness.
Today, I want to tell you that I have changed.

You see, before, I didn’t really notice you. But I see you now. Everywhere.
Unfortunately, we build so many buildings and roads over you, that your beauty is hidden.
And that’s a shame, because you’re the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on!

To repent myself, I’m being extra careful in sorting my waste and I NEVER throw stuff on the ground. Sometimes I even throw away garbage others left behind. I don’t mind. Really.
I mostly eat bio, take my own bags when I go shopping and drive more calmly to save fuel.
Also, I pray that men will grow bigger dicks.
Maybe they will no longer feel the need to compensate by driving fast cars.

I realize it’s not much. And a completely eco friendly system seems so far away.
We are damaging you at record speed. It must be exhausting to have to heal non stop…
Oh how I wish that I could do more to take away your pain.

Know that I’m working towards it. And please forgive me for the trouble I’ve caused.
I hope you will start to get better soon.
Be strong.

Truly yours,


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Apocalypse now

I get the feeling, that a lot of people, think that the word apocalypse means:
But we don’t need any apocalypse to destroy our planet. We can do that all by ourselves 🙂

That’s not my point. This is:
Did you know, that the word apocalypse, actually means REVELATION?

I believe, that we already are in the apocalypse. Because I think it takes place in our hearts.
Capitalism, wars, drugs, illness… Too many people suffering. Are we not in a crisis?
So selfish, so greedy, so needy. So far from being our own selves.

December 21st, 2012… The end of the world (as we know it). Yes yes.
However, I don’t believe this will happen overnight. So please don’t commit suicide!
No. We are slowly moving from one era to another. From the age of Pisces to Aquarius.
The universe is programmed to function this way.

All around me, I notice that people no longer want to work until they’re rich/famous.
People want comfort instead. People want free time.
Time to do whatever they feel like (without feeling guilty about it). Time to take long walks. Time to grow their own vegetables. Time to read. Time to watch the children play…
Time to be, in stead of time to do.

Ah, the apocalypse. I love it!
A new era stands at our door. Let’s not be afraid to let it in. It brings us joy and happiness. But we do need a good crisis to be able to move forward.

2013 will be the beginning of a new awareness… A new dimension.
The true meaning of life, is slowly being revealed to us. One by one, we discover our true nature and needs. Heaven on earth!

And we all have the tremendous honor, of experiencing it from the first row 🙂

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The law of Attraction

The law of attraction, dear people, is veeery powerful in your every day life.
It is the key to your ultimate happiness… or to your demise.

This law states, that similar energies attract each other.
That you get, what you believe you’ll get.

Some people think they always have bad luck.
“If there’s dog shit on the sidewalk, I’ll step in it for sure.” Well yes, you probably will.
And again and again and again. Until you decide not to anymore.

We are constantly sending out thoughts. Creating things without even knowing it.
And our ego, is most likely the one to blame for screwing up our plans.
“Yes you can – No you can’t – Give it a try – Why bother, you suck…”
Please believe me when I say, that you’re capable of achieving anything you desire.
It’s important that you understand this law. And the consequences of (not) respecting it.

Keep your thoughts focused on what you want. Never on what you don’t want.
Example: If you have a job interview, don’t think you probably won’t get the job.
On the contrary, act as if you already have it. Fantasize about it, don’t be shy.
You’ll multiply your chances of getting it.

To do
* Observe your thoughts. And alter all of the negative ones as they come along.
* Create your future. Visualize it. You will naturally attract all kinds of opportunities.

Have fun!

“Whether you think you can or can’t, either way you are right.”
Henry Ford

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Let’s dance

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

Having a hard time accepting life’s every day events? Then try this.

Life as a video game: An instant smile.
When small things bother me, like when I’m in bed and have to get back up because I forgot my phone = alarm clock, in the living room, I imagine my life is like a video game.
Hop out, through the door, hallway at record speed, grab the phone and rush back again.
I credit myself with bonus points, if I succeed in doing my job using one breath only 🙂

Life as a holiday: Not wasting moments.
If I’m in a bad mood and can’t seem to pop out of it, I imagine my life is like a holiday.
And when you’re on a holiday, you want to fully experience every minute of it.
Because later, back home, you want to enjoy those precious memories over and over again.

So I look around and spot beauty. It’s everywhere. Take the sky, never the same… My #1!

Life as a school year: Being eager to learn.
When I’m confronted with my biggest flaws. Which, for me, are anger, nervosity, a lack of discipline and limited patience, I remember life is like a school year. And that we’re here to learn some very valuable lessons. After the final exam, either you’ve passed, or you didn’t.
Not graduating is not a disaster. But you’ll have to do it all over again next September. 🙂

Yes, a little imagination won’t hurt.
Because what’s the use of living, if you don’t enjoy the dance of life…
Your choice whether you want to be an average, a good, or a great dancer.
Practice makes perfect.

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“If you’re trapped in the dream of the other, you’re fucked.”
Gilles Deleuze

You know what’s weird? That we often try to have some control over our partner’s life.
“Don’t drink so much!”
“Whaaat, you ate a whole bag of crisps?!”
“Don’t come home late, you need your sleep.”
“Who was that on the phone?”
“A holiday without me? You must be joking.”

Been there, done that. Was a mistake.

But why do we make up rules? Are we afraid our partners will have fun without us?
Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: They’re not having fun with us either.

So, for the sake of happiness; live on the light side of life!
“Ok, honey, if you feel like drinking until you vomit, then you do so. I’ll help you clean up.”
“You want to start collecting celebrity hair, my love? Go for it and pluck those stars bald.”
“Oh, you would like to become a taxidermist. How interesting, sweetheart… “

Anyway, what you don’t want, is for your husband to say on his death bed: “Oh, yes, my life was… hum… ok. Although, I regret that my wife didn’t allow me to leave the house.” Autsch.

No no. Always remember, that we all have our own life journey. And every path is unique.
You can decide what you want for your life, but you shouldn’t tell the other how to live his.
It’s just not fair. It’s kind of denying the other the freedom of expressing himself.
Sooner or later you’ll pay the price…

So say “Yes, you can!” 🙂

PS: It goes both ways. No one should tell you what (not) to do. One can only ask kindly…

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